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We are working on reaching out to all potential applicants for Public Assistance (PA) under this flooding disaster.  Given the unprecedented flooding and weather events we have seen in the past week, and knowing the level of damage we are experiencing due to this flooding event, there are a few things you should know about the recovery process:


  1. We encourage you to please continue to pass up situational awareness and damages within your authority. Please contact the Duty Officer at 406-431-0411 or


  1. We will need a designated point of contact for the disaster recovery process


  1. It should be important to note that expenses incurred during response and recovery efforts are eligible for reimbursement from FEMA (75% federal reimbursement).  Eligible activities/expenses that you could be reimbursed for are:

    1. Debris removal

    2. Emergency protective measures (road closures, evacuations, etc.)

    3. Bridge and road repair

    4. Costs associated with water treatment facility impacts/outages/repairs

    5. Water control facilities (publicly owned levees, irrigation ditches, detention/retention ponds, stormwater facilities, etc.)

    6. Utility systems damage

    7. Damage to publicly owned buildings and equipment

    8. Damage to parks


  1. Please see the attached FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG).  This document will outline the entire Public Assistance (PA) program.  This document will be incredibly useful as you navigate the recovery process.


  1. The State of Montana is creating a GIS based platform that will house surveys to collect data for both the Public Assistance (PA) process, and the Individual Assistance (IA) process.

    1. PA – We will provide a GIS based platform that will allow you to place a pin over a damage location on a map, and then additional fields to collect the necessary information that FEMA will be requesting.  This data can be rolled up and shared with each jurisdiction which will help facilitate the writing of Project Worksheets.

      1. This survey will be distributed later today

    2. IA – We have provide a GIS based platform survey link below, and attached the survey QR code, that will allow impacted property owner to provide the following information:

      1. Property owner name

      2. Property owner address

      3. Property owner phone number

      4. Property owner email

      5. Is the home a primary residence or secondary residence

      6. Is the home insured

      7. Description of damage to their property

      8. A place for them to upload pictures of the damage if they have them

        1. Survey Link

          1. []

          2. Please spread the word throughout your communities, and ask impacted property owners to fill out the survey.  If you could link the survey and QR Code to your website and social media accounts we would appreciate it .


  1. Immediate Response and Recovery Activities:

    1. A Presidential Disaster Declaration has been issued for Public Assistance (PA).  There are some specific requirements that should be followed to ensure eligibility for reimbursement under this program, especially for the immediate activates currently taking pace that include response and immediate recovery:

      1. Debris Removal

        1. Please see the attached PDF document (FEMA Public Assistance – Debris Removal Requirements)

      2. Emergency Protective Measures

        1. Any work being performed, or equipment being used for response and recovery activities should be tracked using a specific accounting code for this flooding event.

        2. Any gravel pit or quarry materials being used in the response and recovery process should come from SHPO certified gravel pits/quarry’s.  Please see the attached SHPO certified list from MT Department of Environmental Quality.


  1. There will be a number of visitors and assessments taking place in the next few weeks – We have provided brief explanations of these visits and who should be involved in these processes from the impacted jurisdictions:

    1. Public Assistance (PA) –

      1. Agency staff should work together to identify potential PA project sites.  Please track, keep a log, and map of all project locations and information.

      2. Now that a Presidential Disaster Declaration has been issues, agencies need to begin working on the damage assessment process as conditions allow.  Once complete, a federal team will come in to conduct inspections of all public infrastructure.  

      3. Agency staff should work with the NFIP coordinator and other agency officials to ensure all necessary permits are acquired during the recovery process.  If the necessary permits are not obtained it could affect a community’s ability to collect reimbursement for work performed.

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