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310 Permit

A 310 permit is REQUIRED if you are planning ANY project that physically alters or modifies the bed or bank of a stream or river.  The purpose of the permit is to minimize soil erosion and sedimentation, protect and preserve streams and rivers in their natural or existing state, and to prevent damage to the land and property immediately adjacent to streams and rivers.

The application process is simple and applications are available at your local conservation district office.  Upon completion of the application, it is returned to the conservation district.  An inspection of the proposed project may be necessary at times.  After the inspection, the Board of Supervisors will make the decision whether to approve or deny the project. Keep in mind that on occasion, additional permits may be required and it is the producer's responsibility to make sure all permits have been secured before beginning the project.

Guidelines & Forms                                                         
Select a link below to learn more about applying for a 310

Big Horn River

Rosebud County 

Yellowstone River


Tongue River


Rosebud Creek

Reservation Creek


Otter Creek


Armells Creek


* Numerous Other Creeks

Big Horn River

Big Horn County

Big Horn River 


Tongue River

Little Big Horn River


Rosebud Creek

Numerous Other Creeks

All Perennial Streams in Rosebud &
Big Horn Counties Require a 310 Permit!
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Streams and Rivers in Rosebud & Bighorn Counties

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