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Rosebud Conservation District
Reserved Water Reservations

Rosebud Conservation District holds a water reservation of 87,003 acre-feet per year with a maximum flow rate of 540.7 cubic feet per second from the main stem of the Yellowstone River which has a priority date of December 15, 1978 (4:18 P.M.)

Currently the Rosebud Conservation District has 82,880.40 acre-feet and a flow rate of 464.61 cubic feet per second available.

If you are in need of reserved water and would like more information or an application, contact Bobbi Vannattan at the Rosebud Conservation District Office or contact her via phone or email at:  


Applications & Forms

Montana's water reservation law provides an opportunity to legally allocate water for future consumptive uses as well as to maintain in-stream flows to protect water rights, aquatic life and water quality.

The conservation district water reservations are for agricultural irrigation and in some districts for stock watering.  Districts rely on land users within the basin to develop the water resource and put the reserved water to use.  Districts encourage land users and resource managers to apply for reserved water for new or supplemental irrigation projects.

A reservation is subject to protection under the Montana Water Use Act and is an appropriate water right protected by law.  In the case of the conservation district, the right is held by the district on behalf of the individual users.  Individuals will apply to the district when they have plans to put the water to use.  A water user receives an authorization or permit from the district for the right to use a portion of the district's reserved water.  Legally, this is the same as when an individual obtains a permit from the Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC) to use water. 

The Rosebud Conservation District, as a water reservation holder, is responsible for apportioning the reservation in an equitable manner.  The district is also responsible for administering the use of its reserved water and in accordance with the the "Board of Natural Resources Board Order Establishing Water Reservations".      

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