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Items for Rent

Track Filler

Rosebud County producers take priority when renting the track filler.  Contact the RCD office for more information about renting this piece of equipment.

           Rent the Track Filler Today:

                                  * $100.00 per day

                                   *$200.00 per week

No-Till Drill

The Rosebud Conservation District will fund the seed and seeding cost up to $20 per acre up to 20 acres or a total of $400 per producer within the conservation district boundaries.  Call the RCD office to schedule a date to rent the drill.  Openings are limited so reserve your date now!

              Rent the No-Till Drill Today:

                                  * $10.00 per acre

                                  *200 Acre maximum

Contact Bobbi at
406-351-2822 to rent the drill.


No-Till planting provides effective erosion control and moisture conservation measures. With this form of conservation tillage, the planting equipment places the crop seeds directly into the soil through the residue of a previous crop without any plowing or disking. This leaves most of the soil surface undisturbed by tillage and protected by existing crop residue reduces runoff, thus decreasing erosion and conserving water for crop uses.

Items for Sale

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