Cassy Schiffer awarded the Reg Hoff Memorial Scholarship 2021

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The Rosebud Conservation District would like to announce the 2021 Reg Hoff Memorial Scholarship recipient Cassy Schiffer! 

Each year the conservation district awards $1,500 in scholarships to Rosebud County graduating Highschool seniors in memory of Reg Hoff. 

Reg Hoff, a local farmer, and rancher in Forsyth Montana, also served on the Rosebud Conservation District Board of Supervisors. Reg was a dedicated husband, father, and steward of the land who took pride in his family and his operation. Although Reg was a supervisor for four short years, he was involved in conservation most of his lifetime.

The Rosebud Conservation District wishes to continue to honor Reg Hoff through this memorial scholarship.  Reg is remembered for his service to the conservation district, his dedication to leadership, encouragement to think outside of the box on conventional farming and ranching along with his drive to always keep learning and sharing that knowledge with others.

Cassie Schiffer is a 2021 graduating senior of Forsyth Highschool in Forsyth Montana.  She has chosen to go into veterinary technology because of her interest and love for taking care of animals.  She has grown up working on the family ranch, has been a member of 4-H, and is currently serving as the FFA President for the Forsyth Chapter.  Cassie has also participated in a variety of sports throughout her high school career including basketball and volleyball. 

She has taken veterinary science class and animal science class through MTDA.  She plans to get certified for equine holistic medicine, such as chiropractic, acupuncture and exercise, along with obtaining a farriers license. She plans to use her degree and knowledge to run her own operation including cattle sheep and horses when she gets older.

The Rosebud Conservation District would like to Congratulate Cassie on her hard work and encourage her success in furthering her education.  

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