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RCD Meeting 
To Be Announced @ 7pm 
At the USDA Office.

Call Bobbi Vannattan for more info @ 406.351.8012 or work cell 406.351.2822

Rosebud Conservation District

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Many areas across the state are currently experiencing flooding, especially on the Yellowstone River and its tributaries.  Many other areas have flood warnings and flood advisories due to increased precipitation and snowmelt. With the potential flooding, we expect CDs will receive an increase in 310 Emergency Notices. When dealing with 310 emergencies, here’s what you need to remember:


  1. 310 Emergencies are covered under 75-7-113 MCA.

  2. People taking emergency action to safeguard life or property have 15 days to notify the CD in writing

    1. The notice must include location, description of action, date, and an explanation for the emergency

  3. If it is determined to be a project, the emergency notice must be forwarded to FWP within 5 working days and an onsite inspection must be conducted within 20 days

  4. Following the onsite inspection, the Supervisors must determine if the emergency action was warranted by approving, denying, or requesting modifications

    1. If the emergency notice is approved, no further action from the landowner is needed

    2. If the Supervisors deem that the emergency action was not warranted or needs to be modified, the landowner/applicant must submit a 310 permit application to address the issue

Rosebud Conservation District is you local contact for emergency projects on the Yellowstone River..Call Bobbi at 406.351.2822 for assistance. 

The Rosebud Conservation District regularly hosts a meeting of local people to give feedback on the state of natural resources, environmental concerns, and provide opportunities to address environmental problems with meaningful solutions.  Rosebud Conservation District uses this information to support grant requests and help the local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) prioritize local funding opportunities.

This year the Rosebud Conservation District has elected to get your feedback via a survey, included below.  You can complete the survey by hand and mail or deliver it to the Rosebud Conservation District in Forsyth OR you can call the Rosebud conservation office, and someone will visit with you over the phone and record your input.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback so that we can help ensure our activities and the activities of our partners are as positive for the people of Rosebud County as possible.  We will consider all of the responses we receive before July 1, 2022 in our next planning sessions.

Feel free to call or stop by or call us at the Forsyth USDA Office. 

NRCS DC Danny Pratt 406.351.8018

RCD Administrator Bobbi Vannattan 406.351.8012

About us

On July 7, 1942, the Carterville Thurlow Soil Conservation District was organized to help solve a drainage problem and to petition the Department of Agriculture for assistance to landowner through the Soil Conservation Service. The district at the time, covered an are of approximately 18,240 acres located on the north bank of the Yellowstone River and covered the entire Carterville- Thurlow Irrigation District.


The  first supervisors were; William Lentz, Paul Bower, W.L, Quigley, R.P. Muri and Arthur Polich. The Soil Conservation Service sent J.F. Langendor to serve as Work Unit Leader (District Conservation) and Leon Poitras was assigned as engineer. Conservation practices were installed with equipment loaned to the district by the Soil Conservation  Service and, in turn, rented to the landowner.

In 1943, the district expanded  to include the Hammond Valley and acquired Otto Tulgestke as a supervisor. County Agent H.L. Dusenberry assisted the district

Conservation districts are local subdivisions of state government. Rosebud Conservation District (RCD) is funded by 0.88 county mills, entitlements, state and federal grants as well as income generated by district services and sales.

it is the goal of Rosebud Conservation District to provide services for and to assist local producers in preserving and protecting land and natural resources for future generations. RCD is governed by a board of 7 supervisors, 5 elected officials and 2 officials appointed by the city of Colstrip.

RCD shares an office building (The Forsyth USDA Center) with the Natural Resources & Conservation Services ( NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA) and the Montana Department of Agriculture (DOA). Conservation districts provide a link to many state and federal agencies.

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